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What Is A Co-Working Office Space?

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

The definition of co-working and a co-working space is: “the use of an office space or working environment by people who are either self-employed, working for different companies, or working remotely that have a need to share equipment, office space, ideas and knowledge. Co-working spaces can go by other names including Flex Space, Collective Space, Shared or Collaboration Work or office space. People can share space within a large office, for a more cost sharing and affordable space, or share space within a building. They can also become members and memberships can also include private or executive offices.

A co-working space is perceived to be one of the most fast-growing trends in the business world and to be the new future of office working, especially after the pandemic. Co-working spaces are popular with startups, freelancers, and small businesses and people who choose co-working spaces choose by location, price, availability, amenities and deals offered.

Your space or building name has to be just as creative. Most co-working spaces offer amenities and good deals, but the space or community manager is the one who makes the members and customers welcome and at ease. A space or community manager is the person responsible for managing, improving, and leveraging relationships within a co-working space. Connecting the community with the members to form relationships and community building is a huge part of the co-working community.

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