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Press Release, Blog or Vlog?

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

What, if there is a difference between a press release, blog, and a vlog?

A press release is formal, sent from a company perspective and should always be written in the first person. A press release is objective, should be factual, short and complete as possible.

A blog posting is from a personal perspective and is often written in first person. A blog is located on a website or is a website containing written events, stories and topics. A vlog is similar to a blog, only containing video content instead of written content. Blogs can be short and have a more conversational tone,

Which is more effective blogs or videos?

It has been stated that videos or vlogs are more effective than blog postings for generating leads. A blog is similar to a website where anyone can get any subject's written content where as a vlog is a video that is posted on particular topics. The bigger difference between blog and vlog is that a blog is similar to a website where you can obtain any subject's written content.

Turning a Press Release into a Blog

A press release is more formal used to integrate insights and data from your line of business. You can turn a press release into a blog by picking the right press releases and removing any promotional content. Change the headlines to create a more catchy one. Take out any internal quotes, and remove boilerplate templates. Add more images, pictures and even videos and make sure you add any key takeaways.

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