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Kyle Onstott

Job Title

Kyle Onstott is an Entrepreneur, Real Estate Investor, & Business Consultant. He's the Founder of Diverse Business Connections, an executive suite & co-working/event space and he's an investor in multiple companies ranging from real estate, digital marketing, accounting, & most recently ranching. To date he's consulted with over 5,000 business owners spanning from California to New York. Companies with 1 employee all the way up to 2,500+ employees. Through professional business experience Kyle has worked, consulted, & partnered with over 600 Accountants, 300 Bankers, 200 Insurance agents, & 150 Insurance Agents.

In addition to this, he's worked with multiple business owners in every industry & have consulted businesses in the following areas: Digital Marketing, Human Resources, Payroll, Bookkeeping, Health Insurance, Retirement, SOPs, Sales, Leadership, Management, Mindset, & More. He specializes in the B2B market, specifically SaaS sales.


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